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Meiyaco  Custom Displays 


At Meiyaco Custom Display Company, we specialize in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing custom Displays.  Our main product lines are: Custom metal Displays, Custom Combination Displays with electronic parts. With our strong customization capability, we provide professional one stop custom display solutions to customers all over the world.  Send us an email to know more about us. 

Performing Stages of QC

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Why choose us

  • Quick and accurate quotes.

    We can provide quotes for most projects within 2 working days. We also make sure that our quotes are accurate the first time, not wasting your time with many adjustments before final production

  • Quick sample turnaround.

    We know that your projects are time sensitive so we try to turn around most samples in as quick as 5-7 days

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Quality Control

  • Pre-production, sample sign off : Check Spec, Structure, Finish, Functionality, Package, Saftey, Color, Logo printing

  • In-line inspection: Check row material, specs, size, functionality, run aging test all the electronic components

  • Final inspection: final QC on each components and the final unit before packing

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